Learning Outcomes

Upon completion of this module, you will be able to

⦁ Explain and demonstrate the observation skills utilized by a security professional

⦁ Explain and demonstrate the various techniques used to

⦁ Control access to sites or venues, and areas within

⦁ Carry out surveillance

⦁ Control crowds

⦁ Describe the signs and behaviours associated with substance abuse

⦁ Identify drug paraphernalia

⦁ Interact with media personnel

⦁ Control traffic in emergency and non-emergency situations

⦁ Describe shift-related responsibilities, such as

⦁ Interpreting shift posting orders

⦁ Starting a new shift

⦁ Transferring responsibility at the end of a shift

⦁ Explain best practices when working with a partner

⦁ Explain and provide examples of an appropriate use of force response for a security professional

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